Thursday, October 20, 2011

Tennessee Quilt Trail

I'm back!

It was hard to leave Tennessee.  Leaves were at a peak, and my visit with my girl was just what this heart sick mama needed.  I miss her!  I obviously didn't get any sewing done this past week, but I do have some fun quilt blocks to show you anyway.

We spent a morning traveling the quilt trail and photographing quilt blocks on old barns.  This was right up my alley.  We passed many of these along the highway and I wish we could have pulled over for each and every one.  They are incredibly charming.  The weather this day was very cool and hazy, so my pictures are a bit washed out, but we've already decided all future visits will require at least a few quilt barn photos.  They are too fun.

My girl and I.

The owners were all excited when we drove up to this one because they thought we were there to buy tickets to their haunted forest.  I think they were a bit disappointed when they found out I only wanted a picture of their barn and not of any of their goulish decor.  Ha!  I'm not a haunted forest kind of gal.

My Mom went on the trip with me, so it was a three generation adventure.  After our quilt block jaunt, we drove to Hannah's school so my Mom could see the campus for the first time.  A huge storm passed through just ahead of us, and as I was photographing the chapel, a rainbow appeared in the sky.  So stunning, and a striking memory of our sweet time together.

P.S......We went in a quilt store in a TINY town and Kaffe Fasset was there!  In person!  The quilt shop owner wasn't keen on the idea of me snapping his photo, so I respected that.  It was quite an unexpected surprise to see him though.


  1. What a fun trip! The quilt trail looks right up my alley. I would love to take a road trip there. And Kaffe Fassett in a quilt shop in a small town in Tennessee? What are the odds. I am so glad you had a wonderful time with your Mom and daughter. It's such a blessing when your grown children enjoy your company...and you enjoy theirs :)

  2. What a wonderful trip with lots of good memories. I guess you never know who you might meet in a quilt shop. Love the puctures.

  3. It sounds like a great trip made even better with a wonderful quilt shop surprise and all those terrific barn quilts.

  4. Fun trip -- loved your photos! :)

  5. Love quilt block barns. We have them in Ohio as well. Gorgeous leaves and what a wonderful surprise to see Kaffe!