Wednesday, November 9, 2011

In A Twist

Fabric is Ready, Set, Snow! by Moda, and Kona white cotton
I have a new favorite tool-of-the-moment.  It's called a Lil'Twister, and I first learned about it in blog world.  I've been keeping my eye out, and when my LQS hosted a big sale, I was able to snag one at a nice price.  To make a project using this fascinating little ruler, you start by making a simple patchwork using 5 inch charm squares surrounded by a simple border.

Then the fun begins.  The little ruler has a grid that lines up perfectly with the seam lines on the patchwork.  The ruler has little rubber feet on it, so it does a mighty fine job of staying put!  I did find it slightly tricky to rotary cut around all four sides, and found my rotating cutting board to be very handy for this purpose.

I got so involved in making this addictive little thing that I completely neglected to photograph any more of the steps!  It's easy as pie...every square that you cut you line up in order and then resew in rows to create this really fun pinwheel design.

This is my finished project, machine quilted and bound in a red micro-dot.

There is hardly any waste at all when you use this tool, but I salvaged every bit of scrap and used it to cut small squares that I pieced together for the backing.  Once I rescued these squares there were literally only slivers of fabric left.  I mention that only because I had read a few remarks online about how this project is somewhat wasteful.  I really didn't find that to be the case, especially if you are patient enough to cut the final bits into squares.  The squares would also make a cute border on the front to increase the size of the project a bit.

I added some hand embroidery to the back of this...just freehanded a pattern using one of the fabrics as a guide.

Always have to have an ounce of handwork!

I really thought the tiny squares were a fun addition to the backing.

I used a fairly tight stippling pattern, so the finished project was rather stiff.  I liked that it had some durability.

I would make this again and again.  It went together fairly quickly and looks far more difficult than it is, in my opinion!  There are two books on the market containing patterns utilizing this tool.  I'd be curious to see some of the variations created by changing sizes and colors.  There is also a "jumbo" version of this tool available for use with layer cakes.  That would make a very quick lap quilt!

This size is perfect for a table topper, placemat, or wall quilt.

This little cutie was packaged and sent out to a friend of a friend...someone I don't know very well, but who I understand is having some hard times and thought might be blessed by a surprise in the mail.

If you would like to know more about this fun template, you can visit Country Schoolhouse at


  1. This is fantastic... what a lovely quilt! Thanks for sharing! I'll have to keep my eyes open for that ruler.

  2. That is so pretty. I love the arrangement of your colors.

  3. I love your twister. I've made several little tops but have yet to quilt them. Love your colors and it will certainly bring great joy to whoever receives it.