Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Some Non-Sewing Crafting Going On

I figure since this space has been a little quiet lately I should offer up some proof that there are still crafty things happening in life....just not as a result of time spent at the machine.  I chuckle when I read about all the "secret" sewing that others are doing in preparation for the holidays.  Wish that was me!  I have many ideas, and certainly a hearty list of worthy recipients, but since my pumpkin needed fancy earrings and a fetching hairdo I have not had time to even think about holiday sewing.  :-)

Then, there was the matter of this adorable Little Strawberry who brought a note home from three-year-old-preschool announcing the derby car races to be held last week.  Derby cars are a tall order for a three year old to fill, so she clearly needed a little assistance.  Her request was surprisingly detailed and decisive; she wanted a TURKEY CAR.

And so it was.

I have not done any patchwork lately to speak of, but I have indeed fired several rounds from my glue gun, all while attempting in vain to ward off the cat, who thought Christmas had come early with all those feathers!!

We totally rocked at Derby Day.

Last week was also my one day out of the year to serve as parent volunteer at preschool, so I felt the pressure to make snack time a mid morning festive dining experience.  Ha!  I'm a little competitive when it comes to being the parent volunteer.  :-)  Can you tell she's my late-in-life baby??

And what's a great snack without a cool craft?

See? Busy!  Too busy to sew, but that's changing tonight.  I have a project in the works for a little birthday party surprise and I hope to have it finished up just in the nick of time.

So, how about you?  Holiday sewing?  Or holiday crafting??

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  1. OH MY GOODNESS! That is the cutest turkey I have ever seen :) What a great turkey costume!!!