Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Mini Table Runner

It isn't at all unlike me to set aside some could be/should be projects in favor of chasing a creative whim. Such was the case the other night when I sat down at my sewing table, heavily laden with Christmas projects, and spied a small handful of Christmas charms left over from a previous quilt.

Inspiration started flowing and I was helpless to resist.

A few years ago my mother gave me this sweet nativity set for my birthday, and it is one of my very favorite Christmas decorations.  I'm captivated by the sweet innocence of the faces.

This set is "living" atop an old pine cabinet this season; one that isn't particularly attractive.  First I set fake snow beneath my figures, then I tried a holiday placemat.  Nothing was right, so the little figures were just sitting on the naked cabinet.

I decided they needed a cozy place to rest.  One with a little color and sparkle.

I cut my small handful of charms into thirds, and pieced them into strips.

Then I got the idea to make the center piece a little wider, and add a touch of tender embroidery.

I'm quite pleased that my old pine cabinet now has a cozy topper, and that my favorite little Christmas figures rest sweetly on something handmade.

And there is chapter one of why my Christmas sewing isn't getting done very quickly......


  1. I really like that. The embroidery is the perfect touch! One of my favorite nativities is just sitting on a boring plain table. I need to get ambitious and do something about that!