Friday, December 9, 2011

A Teacher Gift

I made a table runner for Emma's preschool teacher and sent it to school yesterday.  This necessitated staying up until 1:00 in the morning with a season of Everybody Loves Raymond on DVD and a super sized sweet tea from Whataburger.  I took treats to school yesterday morning to celebrate Emma's 4th birthday and I really wanted to give her the gift at that time.  I knew if I didn't make the deadline this project would likely get set aside and never finished.  I'm proud I got done, and I was even up early to run it through the washer and dryer!  It was a simple patchwork design, so I added a personal touch to one of the squares.

I used a tutorial from Camille of Simplify.  You can find it on her sidebar.

My touch of embroidery on the back.  Can you believe I forgot to add the Bible verse and sign it?  Sleep deprivation got me at the end!

It was made from one entire charm pack of Makin' New Friends by Moda.

My Mom was leery of that giant ric rac in the wash since it was on a white background sash.  So, I paced around in front of my washer with a big mug of strong coffee in my hand at early o'clock hoping my color catcher would come through for me.  It did.  :-)

I should never "try things out" in my own house.  It makes it harder to give them away.  :-)

The backing...

All tied up with candy canes and ready to go to preschool!

Her teacher loved the gift, which made me feel great because we ADORE this teacher!  The first thing she told me when she opened it was that her grandmother was an avid quilter and some of her most treasured possessions are her grandmother's quilts.  Right away I knew I had made a good decision to give her a homemade gift this year.

One gift down, several to go!!  :-)

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