Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Gran Gran's Quilt

I mailed a quilt yesterday to a very special lady.

I made this for my husband's grandmother.  Can you believe she is almost 95 years old and just lately moved into assisted living??  She has been active in her apartment at that location for many years, hosting bridge club and working on her artwork.  She recently transferred into the assisted living portion to get a little more help with her daily doings and meals.

My MIL suggested that GG might use a light weight lap quilt in the air conditioning.
A reason for a new quilt??  I'm on it!  :-)

This is the embroidery design that I did for the back label. It was a free pattern from birdbrain designs.

The front of this project is pieced using fabrics from  a fairly recent Carrie Nelson line.  I thought the bright and happy colors were good for springtime, but they were too light, in my opinion, to back a quilt that was made for function.  I was so happy when I found this April Cornell print at Joann's.  Although I wasn't specifically looking for green, the overall print coordinated with the rest of the fabrics, and it was dark and busy enough that GG can put this to regular, vigorous use without having to worry about spots, stains, or spills.   

I designed the pattern myself, and made it small enough to be used as a lap drape while sitting in a chair.

It is my daughter's job to choose a verse for every quilt I make.  She chose a Psalm for GG.

"I trust in your unfailing love;
My heart rejoices in your salvation."
Psalm 13:5

Here is the quilt in my favorite corner.  (Never model a quilt that you are about to mail away in your favorite corner.  It makes it hard to part with!  Ha!)

GG is an artist and writer, and has completed hundreds of paintings, sculptures, rugs, and books in her lifetime.  The painting on the wall is one she did of her husband, who was an avid fisherman.  It is one of my husband's very favorite paintings.  We "share" it with one of his cousins....we agreed to trade it back and forth every few years so both of our families could enjoy it.  The green pot on the little wooden chest was also made by GG.

I admire GG for her creative spark.  Papa (in the painting) was an amazing artist in his own right as well.  They shared a love of creative endeavors, and his many of his sculptures are on display in the community where they lived.

It's always fun to start a project when you know from the start who the recipient will be.  It gives you time while you're working to really think of that person, recount memories, and give thanks.

GG has two children, five grandchildren, eleven great grandchildren......and one new quilt.
This has now been sent to Kansas to live with GG.


  1. Beautiful quilt and a great tribute to a great lady. I'm sure the quilt will be cherished by her.

  2. Not only will GG love her quilt, but she will recognize and appreciate all the work and love that went into the making of it. It is beautiful.

  3. That is wonderful, Brooke. It all came together so nicely.

  4. What a beautiful quilt! She sounds like an amazing woman and your work is going to make her day.