Tuesday, February 8, 2011

For A Birthday Girl

Today I got to celebrate my friend Wendy's birthday with her.

Wendy is my local quilting buddy who keeps me motivated and inspired.

Her kitchen is a very cheerful blue and yellow.  (And she cooks like a rock star in it.  The woman can throw down some seriously good vittles.)  

My husband and I went on a date to the candle store and I made him smell every single blue, white, and yellow candle available.  He chose Sparkling Lemon, because it matched the runner best.  Oh, it smells okay too, which is rather handy for a candle that is the perfect color.  :-)

Happy Birthday, Friend!


  1. Hi Brooke thank you for popping in to visit my blog and leaving such a sweet comment. Stop by again soon. :-)

  2. Hi Brooke, thanks for popping by my blog also. Its is lovely to meet you. You have a lovely blog and I love your table runner which you made for your friend. I am sure she will love it also.

  3. Thanks for visiting me Brooke. That runner you made for your friend is so pretty, and I would say your husband was a great candle picking assistant! Love your blog.

  4. I absolutely love it, Brooke. I put on the chest in the window of my kitchen with some blue bowls, too. When I showed Joseph he said it looked like it had always been there, it looked so good. Thanks again, my friend.

  5. Hi Brooke. Congratulations on your new blog. Your house sounds similar to mine when my sons were growing up. We, too, had a bearded dragon as well as snakes and all else that slithered.

    I loved your pink, red and green quilt. The yellow and blue quilt for Wendy is lovely. I have always loved the color combination. Lemon??? Perfect for the kitchen.

  6. Hi Brooke! I'm so happy that you stopped by my blog for a visit, and left me such a sweet comment. So I wanted to come by to visit you, too! I love the table runner you made for your friend's birthday! And your hubby did an awesome job picking out the candle...I'm not sure I could have gotten my hubby to go along with me! :o)

    I'm going to sign on as a follower - love the quilts that you've shown us so far. And as I'm a newbie quilter, I really enjoy seeing what everyone is making!

    Thanks again for your visit, and please do visit me again!



  7. Oh the runner and candle are perfect! Glad you had a good time!

  8. At one time my kitchen was done in those same colors - I love the cheerful way it always made me feel. I know she will love your runner and the candle but most of all I know she treasures your friendship. blessings, marlene