Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Snow Day = Sew Day

Last week winter came to town.  We had unusually cold temperatures, and a solid sheet of ice that relentlessly covered the city.  Local schools were closed for four consecutive days; a first in these parts!  Today we are enjoying snow day number five.  Amazing for the south!

My kids will be quick to tell you the injustice of being homeschooled is that you don't get snow days.  :-)  Of course, our neighborhood friends are all off school and eager to play, so the kids and I have struck some pretty savvy compromises.  They get extra breaks to play with friends, and that means a little extra sewing time for me too!

I gathered various Valentine-ish pinks and reds on my last visit to the quilt shop.  I started chopping them up rather arbitrarily with no real plan.  What emerged were two table runners; one for the kitchen table which is quite long, and another for the dining room table which is fairly wide.

Pieced runners don't count as finished projects.  The way I'm calculating it, I have a matter of days to get these babies layered, quilted, bound, washed, and on display.  I'm determined not to stash them away for an entire year.  I need this snow to stay on the ground just a tad longer.  I just love a good, tight deadline.

Almost as much as my kids love homeschooling on a snow day.  :-)


  1. Wow, your pink and red quilts are all so beautiful. Love the crisp white backgrounds too.

  2. Just them!! ... and the writing in the snow! Cute!!!

  3. I love your Valentine project! Enjoy the snow :)