Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Price Was Right

Do you ever purchase fabric based on price rather than pattern?  That was the case recently when I plucked a jelly roll of Moda's Arnold's Attic out of the clearance bin at my LQS.  It was a bargain, so I scooped it up without much regard to the various fabrics in the line.

It turned out to be quite a happy accident.  Once I started working with these fabrics I realized how much I really do like them.  Fall is my favorite time of year, and the colors and patterns in this line remind me a lot of autumn.

Now I'm ready for borders, and I need to order yardage online.  I think I want to do a narrow inner border of the rust color, but I'm stumped about what to use for the outer border.

At first I thought I wanted to go with the darker blue (on bottom right), but I was having trouble finding that fabric.  Then I considered the light aqua (bottom left) or the dark green (bottom center).  I like how the aqua gives a light, airy feeling to the quilt.  Then again, I like how the darker color seems to frame the design and add some warmth.

It's really hard to tell just from looking at a skinny jelly roll strip.  Anyone have a strong opinion they care to offer??

Here's my other quilting quandary.  The very instant I spread something on the floor my cat takes it as an open invitation and helps himself.  It makes laying out blocks oh so difficult.  I need a design wall!

The dog is equally interested in a quilty bed for napping, but she's a little more discreet.  Here she is at quilt's edge, patiently waiting for me to turn my back so she can launch a sneak attack.

Green?  Or aqua?  I may need to lay this one out a time or two before I'm able to make a border decision.  Am I on the right track with the large floral print?  Or do I need to go in a new direction?  My bargain fabric is giving me more uncertainty than I "bargained" for, LOL!

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  1. It turned out so pretty! I think I like the dark green best, but either will look good.