Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sharing the Love

Much as I have tried, my quilting interest has not rubbed off on my oldest daughter.  She is working (slowly!) on a quilt for her dorm room, but I think the process brings her more stress than it does enjoyment.  Enter my daughter's good friend, Melanie.  Melanie joined a block of the month club at a LQS, so she comes over once a month for a little quilting jam session.  This is a double portion of blessing, because I have someone to coach in the art of a perfect quarter inch seam, my daughter is totally off the hook, and Melanie gets a new quilt out of the whole deal.  Win/win/win!  Mels is using reproduction fabrics, which I just love.  They are really fun to work with.

So is Melanie.  :)  She's got some mad sewing skills, and it's fun to share time with someone who is so eager to learn.  She has completed nine blocks so far.  Only three more to go and we'll be ready to design a fun setting!  I can hardly wait to teach her how to machine quilt.

This past weekend she worked on a flying geese star which I just loved.  The red and yellow made me weak in the knees.  Don't you marvel a her perfect points?!?

I hope this will be the first of many quilts for Melanie. Who knows? Maybe eventually SHE can share the quilting bug with my daughter?? I can see the two of them starting a quilting bee together someday.  There's always that hope.  :-)

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  1. How exciting to have someone so eager to learn and share the love of quilting. My daughter never caught the bug either, but maybe there is hope for grandaughters.