Sunday, September 4, 2011

Goodbye Summer!

Goodbye summer.  You were hot, long, and incredibly busy!!  I mentioned in my last post that we were on the road.  Did you know there is a replica of the Parthenon in Nashville, Tennessee??  I fell in love with that city, and had a wonderful time.

This summer was rather monumental for our family.  Most noteworthy, we successfully graduated our oldest from our homeschool, moved her 19 hours away, and got her settled in to college life.  It was a whirlwind of activity, planning, celebration, and emotion.  In what seemed like the blink of an eye, one left our nest.  One who is confident, tender hearted, bright, and loving her new college life.  She is in a small school studying nursing, exactly where she feels called by God to be.  I'm a tiny bit proud! :) 

Of course, such and occasion called for a new quilt.  The graduation quilt holds a sweet memory for me.  I participated in a used book sale with some friends of mine who also love to quilt.  The afternoon was really slow at the sale, so I got out rotary cutters and mats and in just a few hours, with a little help from my girlfriends, we had the entire quilt cut and ready to sew!  We used 1930's fabrics and it turned out super sweet.  I finished hand sewing the binding while driving her to school!  Nothing like finishing just under the wire.  

The glitch?  In the excitement of setting up her dorm room and finding the courage to kiss her goodbye, I completely forgot to take a picture of it!  Now this blog is at the mercy of a college freshman to send me some photos that I can share.  I tease her that since she is minoring in photography, this shouldn't be too hard, and she promises me she won't keep me waiting.

In the meantime?  The boys are starting grades 6 and 8, my husband is starting a new job, the little one is starting preschool, and I am starting my 12th year as homeschool Mom.  It's a year of big starting lines!!!  This little cutie is now sleeping in a big girl bed instead of a toddler bed.  In honor of the special occasion she has a spankin' new pillowcase.  Have you ever sewn with Minkee?  It slinks and slides all over the place and sheds like a sheepdog in summer.  But I'll happily put up with all that fuss for the luxury of petting it.  :)  It's uber soft and snuggly, and this new pillowcase is now the cuddliest thing in the house.  (Besides that cute little three year old.)

Goodbye, Summer.  Hello, fall and lots of new sewing projects!  :-)

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  1. You've been blessed with beautiful children and even though I don't know you I sincerely wish you all the best. ...I also think your projects are very nice.