Monday, September 5, 2011

Orange Block Quilt

Last year at this time I was busily working on something in one of my very favorite colors...bright orange!  Orange hasn't always made my heart flip.  It's a rather recent crush.

My nephew turned 16 in October and I wanted to commemorate the big event with an "updated" quilt.  He was close to 6 feet tall and still sleeping with the sailboat quilt I made him when he was born.  :)

The front of the quilt was scraps of orange and Kona pure white.  A simple, graphic design seemed a good choice for a teenaged boy.  He plays football, and his school's colors are orange and white.  It was such a fun excuse to work with ORANGE.

Kona Ash seemed like a wise choice for the back.  I wanted masculine and functional, and I loved how it played nice with bright orange.

I did a small amount of embroidery on the back, as I like to do on all my quilts.

Fall is my favorite time of year.  Orange is one of my favorite colors.  That makes this one of my favorite quilties.  :-)  Ever.

The recipient, my nephew.  It's just a happy coincidence that the quilt matched his hair.  I didn't even plan that.  Ha!


  1. Funny how those little boys grow up to be such big boys, I sure he loves his quilt-----and his feet don't hang out.

  2. I LOVE the orange. Especially with the little pumpkins! Gorgeous quilt!! I know your nephew will enjoy it for years! Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a lovely comment. You are a no-reply blogger so I couldn't email you. It worked out so I could stop by and read all about you!

  3. I love this orange quilt!! Orange is my son's favorite color and needing a quilt for his bed. I will be creating something in orange too. :0) Thanks for your sweet words about my baby quilt. It is finished and listed. Yay!! :0)
    Have a good day. Trish