Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Purple Koala

When your toddler asks for a purple koala, you pretty much know right off the bat you're going to have to go homemade.  Not too many other resources to tap for such a request.

This was a pattern by Melly and Me.  I would make this again.  The pattern was clear and concise and went together well.  But what was a thinking with green arms and feet?  I was worried he was going to look "too purple".  The lime green was a tragic choice.  But the toddler who loves koala doesn't seem to mind.

His name is "Purple Koala".  Of course.  Because we are very original.  And because it's less condescending than "Green Foot".  :-)


  1. Purple koala looks very loveable!

  2. I love the purple koala with green arms and feet! Too bad the toddler loves it - cause I for sure would take it otherwise!