Sunday, September 18, 2011

Halloween Runner

This silly runner has become an exercise in what can possibly go wrong with a project.  I started it even though I had a dozen other things I needed to be working on, so I intentionally tried to keep it simple because I needed it to go quick.  You know how that goes!!!  It's like begging for troubles.  I laid out the binding and found I was eight inches short.  Eight inches!!  So, I drove thirty minutes to the only store in town that carries that candy corn fabric, and the sweet shop owner let me buy one 2.5 inch strip off the bolt.  Very sweet.  Then, I was machine quilting and ran out of orange thread with about a five inch corner left to quilt.  So, I drove to Joann's in a driving rain storm to buy another spool.  I was bound and determined to get this thing on the table for supper club last night.  Well, determined at least.  It did make it on the table....but unbound!  Ha!  When I got home from the quilt shop with that 2.5 inch strip, I discovered that my 3 year old had twisted and stretched the rest of the binding that I had made to use it as a leash for her stuffed bear.  Good grief.  I have yet to see if it can be rescued.  

This was my attempt at being cute.  I swear that is lint from the batting and not a nasty hair ball from my house.  I also solemnly promise that it isn't visible to the naked eye, given that this was on my dining room table in front of guests.  My zoom lens is showing me NO mercy.  :-)

Just keeping it real.

No, last night wasn't as bad as the last supper club I hosted.  The one where my dog climbed ONTO THE TABLE and licked the butter.

Table runner hairballs are nothing.  :-)

Anyway, it looked cute and festive and I completely squelched the urge to point out to all of my guests how it was completely unfinished around the edges.  I kept it all very classy.

I had the boys drag my fall decorations down from the attic.  There may be sweat on my pumpkins instead of frost, buy by golly, I'm bound and determined for fall to get to the south.

This afternoon my friend came over and kept me company while I cut out my next quilting project.  The boys were all at church, so we had a few quiet hours and work and visit.  It's so much fun to have quilty friends!

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  1. That little table runner was really testing your patience. It turned out spooktacular-----and the house is now ready for FALL, looks great. Now how about costumes?