Tuesday, September 20, 2011

An Elfish Impulse

Here's the thing about quilting.  The ideas multiply faster than the free time does.  And those clever quilt shops.  They are never short on tempting treats.  Here's the scenario....

I wander (innocently) in to the shop on Friday to buy that mere 2.5 inch strip of binding fabric that I so desperately need.  It truly is a need.  A legitimate purchase for a nearly completed project that had an immediate use.  It was all very on the up and up.

I'm not two feet in the door and I spy this elfin piece of goodness.  Right inside the door!  Like a booby trap, I tell you.

Who was I to think I was getting out of a quilt shop for under $10??  It wasn't like I had a choice to leave this fabric behind.  Who could possibly resist?

My precious Grandparents were from Germany, and they had German garden gnomes in their yard.  For some reason, this fabric reminded me of those childhood memories.  I think the coordinating fat quarters that I found to go with this fabric have a bit of a Scandinavian flair to them too.  It's my European Christmas look.

Elf fabric by Beth Logan for Henry Glass & Co
In any event, this cute stack now sits happily upon the shelf in my sewing nook.  It will have to wait until some other projects get completed first, but it's something to look forward to.

One last thing, last weekend was a tad overwhelming for me, so my sweet Mom surprised me with a little pick-me-up.  She brought me this fabulous turkey to live on my new runner.  How cute.  I just love him, and he makes my coffee table look like a happy place.  :-)


  1. Booby trap is a perfect explanation! The last time I walked in my quilt store was for 1/3 yard of background fabric. I walked out $85 later. It's a plot.

  2. Oh that elf fabric is adorable! And love your new turkey and runner under him!