Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hannah's Graduation Quilt

My daughter sent me photos of her graduation quilt to share with you.  These were taken in her dorm room.  The pattern is a chain design, and the rainbow colored fabrics are all reproductions.  Hannah has admired these fabrics for a long time and has always wanted a "vintage" quilt made from them.  I really love how this design turned out, although I must say it was a challenging lay out that required lots of crawling around on the floor!

My girlfriends helped me cut this pieces out on a lazy Saturday afternoon while we were at a used book sale.  The sale wasn't very well attended, so I ran home to get cutting mats and rulers and set my fellow quilting cohorts to task.  They were such good (and hard working!) sports, and it added a fun memory to the sentiment of this project.  (Not to mention the fact that it enabled me to actually get it done by graduation!)

I had some sweet little stitcheries on hand that I had made to use for mug rugs.  I knew as I was piecing the back for this quilt that this would be a better use for them. The colors blend well, and the old fashioned sweetness of the scenes is a compliment to the flour sack inspired fabrics.

This is a strip of the pieced back incorporating all the embroidery.  It is hard to see from this picture, but they are flower, sunshine, and bird designs.

This quilt now lives in Tennessee, where fall is officially settling in across campus.  I know it will do its job of keeping my precious daughter warm, and reminding her how much I love her and how very proud I am of her.

Thanks for sending me the pictures, Hannah.


  1. The colors and patterns are incredible! (Yes, you can bring me your ironing.)

  2. Love this quilt!! The pattern and fabrics are just wonderful. Love the use of 30s fabrics for this--so cheery--and also the embroidery on the back. Your daughter is going to love wrapping up in this in chilly TN weather.

    Thank you so much for your sweet, kind comments on my blog. I tried to reply via email but you are set to "no-reply." I am deeply touched by your understanding of the loss of an elderly pet. Thank you so much for your kindness.

  3. Oh I LOVE it! I was just at a quilt retreat and she did it in taupe batiks. What a difference the 30's fabrics make. I really love it1