Monday, September 26, 2011


Do you know of Sarah Jane?  She is amazingly talented.  Her artwork has a gentle sweetness to it that I find irresistible.  I love her fabric designs.  I love her prints.  I basically love everything about her.

When Emmie moved into her new big girl bedroom I decided to let Sarah Jane be my inspiration.  This lovely goodie arrived in the mail from Sarah Jane a few weeks ago, and I had it professionally matted and framed.  I picked it up this afternoon and gave it a little smooch when I saw it.  (Then I took a crooked photo of it!)

This is just the kind of thing that every little girl should gaze at while daydreaming of picnics and tea parties and frolicking with friends in fancy frocks.  I want Emma to have sweet dreams under this sweet scene.  The colors look a little harsh in this photo, but in real life it is a very gentle shade of pink.

I currently have a store bought quilt on her bed.  OH THE HORROR.  It hardly seems right, I know.  We need just the right covers for all these sweet dreams to take place under, so it's time to start planning. I'm thinking pinks and reds and aqua, and a tiny hint of green, to match the pretty walls.  Maybe some of Sarah Jane's lovely prints?  With a little Bliss and Ruby thrown in?  We may just need to add a splash of gray to compliment Ellie the elephant.  She is a very important fixture in the nighttime routine these days.

I found some cute little wall decals that look amazingly like hand painted murals.  They are from Pottery Barn Kids, the mother ship of cuteness.  :-)

She has a cute little forest of birds in her reading nook.  Did you catch the homemade quilt in the chair?  Thankfully the fourth child isn't totally deprived.

I'm thinking we may need to add some fabric bunting.  And some throw pillows.  This new artwork has set a plan in motion.  A long term plan, for sure, but those sweet dreams are already starting! 


  1. Oh, Brooke - what a lovely post! I've not heard of Sarah Jane, but you can bet I'll be checking her out! I love the artwork - and the pretty decals! And, what cute, fun ideas you have! I can't wait to watch it all come together! And, I know your baby girl will have sweet dreams - what a lucky one to have such a sweet, caring Mom! Hugs!!

  2. Ruby has gray as part of the colorway. And Sarah Jane has a fabric line! You will have so much fun decorating with all of the adorable fabrics available!!