Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I Quilt for Sport

Last night I took my son and his friend to the ballpark.

We met some friends there and had a ball.  (No pun intended.)

One of our friends is a HUGE sports fan.  Epic understatement.  These are her cute kids.

When I pulled out my little project and happily set to work my son gave in to panic.  "MOM!!!  Put that away!!  Mrs. Young is going to see you the BALLGAME!!!!"

What??  I'm a quilting nerd.  There's no big secret here.  He had his form of entertainment, I had mine, Mrs. Young had hers, and we all got to share cotton candy.

Is that so wrong??  :-)

(For the record, the old men behind us sided with my son.  It must be a boy thing.)


  1. we went to a football game on Saturday, I had brought my embroidery to take in with me. it got left in the car lol.

  2. I take a hand work project wherever I go and whip it out with no shame - LOL. My 2 sons have learned to tolerate it and are always amazed at the people who come up to me to talk about whatever I'm working on -- hold your head high and stitch on!