Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Latest Show and Tell

I learned something new this week.  Turns out, you need to clean steam irons. 


My iron is working much better now.  (Thanks Mom.)

I ordered a charm pack of Buttercup fabrics from Fig Tree with the intention of making a table runner, which I did.  I'm finishing up the binding now and will post a picture when I'm done.  I used the leftover scraps to make this second table runner rather impromptu, and it turns out, I think I like it even better than the original one!  Funny how that sometimes works.

It is simple pieced squares and floral border from the Fresh Cotton Fig Tree line.  I jazzed up the back just a smidge.

I bought the pink polka dot to bind the original runner, but decided to use it here instead.  I liked the way it framed the pretty floral border.  I did a quick machine quilting with a tight stiple.

For now, it has found a home on this little cabinet.

At least for another few days until I finally get around to packing up these Easter decorations (ha!) and replacing them with the fall decor.  (I got a little behind this summer!!)

I guess I'm in the mood for runners, because I also started this fun little quickie.  This, from the girl who positively hates Halloween.  I know.  That adorable candy corn fabric totally won me over.

The halloween runner will have to stay quick and easy because I just got these little yummies in the mail and I need to get hopping.  They are for a project with a quickly approaching deadline.  Good thing I have a little time on my hands this week, although I probably should be careful about mentioning that. The other night when I bragged to my husband about having a few "free" hours to sew, our three year old flooded the bathroom.  Things have a way of robbing sewing time around here.  :-)

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