Monday, October 3, 2011

Little Birdie Stitches

We visited an apple orchard with our homeschool group today.  The perfect trip for fall!

Blushing Goldens were in season today.  A petite, sweet, juicy apple with a crispy snap.  Delicious!

I'm inspired by nature's autumn color palette.  I love warm and cozy colors.  They make me think of happy apple orchards in October!

So I mentioned that on our campout this past weekend I did some hand sewing.  Yes, after working dutifully over the weekend I am all the way up to four blocks on my birdie stitches quilt along.

I'm no speed demon.

Considering ten blocks have been published so far, I'm very nearly half way there!

I'd hate to rush.  :-)

You will notice that I've changed a few of the patterns a little bit.  I like to tweak and play.

I'm grateful to Little Miss Shabby for providing this fun project, and now that I've got the ball rolling, I'm really quite hooked!

1 comment:

  1. Your blocks are beautiful! I love how you added the cupcake... you smart cookie!