Sunday, October 2, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

This was my home away from home this weekend.  We had a family campout as part of a church program that our kids are involved in.  The weather was perfect and we had a wonderful time.  I got a little hand stitching done which I will show tomorrow.

I came home a little early from the camp out because my three year old had reached her camping limit.  That was fine by me.  The first thing I did today was make a fun breakfast for the little one and I.  Roasted mini potatoes topped with a fried egg, and a whole pot of cinnamon spice coffee.  Bliss.  I had several hours to work on a sewing project that I'm hoping to have finished later this week.

Salmon salad for lunch.  I was feeling very spoiled.....
.......Until the campers arrived bearing seven loads of laundry.  :-)

My weekend got off to a wonderful start thanks to a really special surprise from my friend Wendy.  In addition to being a talented quilter, Wendy can work magic with a crochet needle.  We were brainstorming a few weeks ago about things we could make for Christmas gifts this year.  I told her about crocheted slippers that I used to get when I was a little girl.  My Tante Anna used to make them for me.  (Tante is German for "Aunt".)  She always used to make the slippers out of variegated yarn, and she would add a little pom-pom to the top of them.  They were the coziest things EVER, and the objects of some very sentimental memories.

So, Friday morning Wendy came by to help me lay out a quilt I'm working on, and look what she brought for me and Emma.  She could not have thrilled me more!!  I am so touched that she made these for us.  Emma's are pink (of course!) which means they were an instant favorite.  Mine are an ode to my love affair with BRIGHT ORANGE and I could not be more excited.  

Orange crocheted slippers.  The ultimate.

Look at the beautiful flowers she made to adorn them; complete with orange button centers (mine) and pink flower buttons (hers).  I'm so incredibly lucky to have Wendy in my life.  She most certainly knows how to make my life colorful, cozy, and oh-so-sentimental.  Thank you, Wendy!!

We are now happy campers with happy little feet!  :-)

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