Friday, January 13, 2012


So last weekend Wendy and I went to the quilt shop together to pick up our BOMs.  While we were there we noticed a class being offered this Saturday for a quilt we both liked.  It didn't take us long to rationalize that a Girl's Night would be a great way to start off the new year.  So we signed up.  Without calling our husbands to make sure our schedules were clear.  We're crazy like that.

I hadn't anticipated signing up for a class, and in an uncharacteristic effort to be especially thrifty, I wanted to try to make the class work without having to buy new fabric.  So, Wendy and I dug through my stash.  She noticed my jelly roll of Bliss by Bonnie and Camille.

It's my favorite jelly roll.  I was saving it for a special occasion.  No pattern could ever be deemed worthy of taking the coveted Moda ribbon off that jelly roll.  So, when Wendy suggested I actually use it for the class, I snorted all over her sweater.  It just so happened I had a little yardage of Bliss too.  Just the right amount.  And there really wasn't money in the after Christmas budget for new fabrics.  And then the nearly unthinkable happened.  My four year old ripped the ribbon off the jelly roll and untangled the entire thing into a heap.


I've never had more fun cutting fabric.  I worked on it Tuesday, my "blissful" day off that I wrote about yesterday.  Those sweet and cheerful colors and patterns are just plain fun to touch.  I cut out all the pieces needed for my class, then I savored and squandered every smidge of scrap I could possibly muster.  I wasn't willing to let a snip of this precious fabric go to waste.  I made two blocks to use for pillows.  This was all that was left of my jelly roll when I was done with it.  Not too bad!

That sweet sign used to hang in my kitchen.  I took it down over Christmas break to hang something different in its place and it got set on my sewing desk just until I could decide where to go with it.  I've rather enjoyed seeing it there, so I think I'll hang it permanently in my sewing nook.

This is the first pillow I made from the scraps.  I'm thinking I need to trim it in pom poms, don't you?

My second pillow.  My first ever Wonky Block!  How much fun to make!!  This took me hours to do...I watched an entire DVD while puttering with it.  I have not squared up the outer edges yet to fully set the "wonky" angle because I want to get my pillow form first.  I'd love to do an entire quilt of these someday.  They are really fun.

I've got all my pre-cutting and sewing done, and am fully ready to head to class tomorrow.  I'm hoping to have a completed quilt top by the end of the night.  I'm anxious to see it all come together, and hoping it proves to be Bliss worthy!

How about you?  What's on your weekend sewing agenda??


  1. Oh yes! Bliss needs pompoms! I've got a few Bliss scraps lying around, I think I'll copy your pillow idea AND the pompoms!!

  2. Had to be fate LOL! I so love your pillows - too sweet! And, I can't wait to see your quilt - I'm just sure it will be Bliss worthy :)!! Hugs!

  3. Your pillow is so cute, have a fun time a class tomorrow. You will have the best fabric there! I have been hoarding some Bliss also-----why do we do that?

  4. Pom poms make everything sweeter. It's especially cute with that fabric.

  5. You were right... I love the fabric!!