Friday, January 13, 2012

Bobbin Buddy

Amanda Jean made one today, and the minute I saw hers I knew I wanted one.  I'm always inspired by her clever ideas, but I thought she really outdid herself this time.  I had no intention of a project today.  No kidding....I happened to be making an appetizer this afternoon to take to an open house tonight, and the recipe called for a tiny can of olives, exactly like the one she used to make a bobbin holder!  I took it as a sign that it was meant to be.  :-)

I sure hope Amanda Jean considers imitation to be a sincere form of flattery, because I couldn't really think of a way to improve on her perfect design.  In other words, I shamelessly copied!

I'm not the machine quilting diva that she is, so I embroidered my label.  I really LOVED the look of her linen, but I don't own any of that, so I made do with the Kona I had on hand.  I also lined my can with felt so my bobbins don't clang.  (I know.  I couldn't help myself.)

Is this the cutest thing?  Makes me want to go wind a dozen bobbins, just because.

Making one was so much fun....

...they multiplied!

One for me, one for a friend, and one for the sweet lady who is teaching the quilt class I'm attending tomorrow.

I just need to eat two more cans of olives before I head to class!  Ha!

I'm linking up with Amanda's Finish-It-Up-Friday.  
Thanks, Amanda Jean, for a fun Friday project!

Fabric = Verna by Kate Spain for Moda


  1. Fan-stinkin-tastic! I saw her post too and 'filed' it for a free day... it's a great project and yours are adorable!

  2. So cute!! I am checking the pantry for little cans...

  3. They are darling. I cannot sew a lick but I used to do embroidery in my twenties. Thanks for visiting me:)

  4. What a great idea. Great project. Thanks for visiting today.

  5. Oh my!!! Those 3 all stacked together are making me swoon! Love your idea of putting a lining in the bottom. I'm gonna have to try that, too.

    Thanks for linking up to finish it up Friday!

  6. Oh Brooke, those are just too darn ca-ute! I love them - and the bright cheery fabric you used!! Too fun!