Sunday, January 29, 2012

Neat as a Pin

Happy Little Cottage made one, and I am grateful to her for providing the link to the tutorial, because the minute I saw hers I became a green eyed monster.

I simply couldn't imagine getting on with my Valentine quilt until my pins had a new, happy, Valentine-y place to live.

This was amazingly fun to make.  And addictive too.  I can see why Happy Little Cottage couldn't stop at just one.  I'm happily flirting with the idea of making a cathedral window pillow.

Someday.  For now, it's back to our previously scheduled Valentine quilt.

A question for those of you who love making pincushions...

What do you like to stuff them with??  I used crushed walnut shells and fiberfill in this one.  I'd like to know what others find works best.


  1. So pretty! My pincushion is green with envy!

  2. YAY Brooke!!! Aren't they FUN??? I am toying with the idea of a pillow too. I just used fiberfill for my pin cushion, and I really jammed it full. I find the layers of fabric really holds the pins well! xoxo Debbie

  3. Such a cute pinchusion! I just made one too, but a plain flower one, I have to say I like yours much better. I'd like my pincushion to be a bit heavier but I just stuffed it with fiberfill. I thought my needles and pins running into walnut shells would make them dull quicker, and I'm terrible for never replacing dull pins.

  4. You have made a lovely job of that pincushion - it is on my to do list also - just a question though - how many pin cushions does a girl need? Maybe I'll be brave and go straight into doing a cushion.

  5. Very cute! Looks kind of like the curves on the Mexican Star. Looks fun to do , too.