Tuesday, April 10, 2012

In a Zip!

I decided to send a care package of goodies to my college freshman and her room mate, who happen to have birthdays just a few days apart.  I used Randi's tutorial to make fun zipper pouches.

The thought of properly installing a zipper has always given me a case of the vapors.  But when I saw Randi's tutorial, it gave me hope that even I could accomplish this.

And as it turned out, I was turned on to zippers!  Once I started, I was hooked.  These little pouches are sincerely addictive.

Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that they make such great stash busters.

I even decided to "go green" and use color coordinating zips.  Fancy stuff.

I filled them with fun trinkets, including these bird nest pendants that I made.

There are great tutorials on you tube to learn how to make them.

Such a fun little treat to sneak in the mail, and the girls loved receiving them!

Thanks, Randi.  Mission successful!


  1. Wow!! Brooke , I love the necklace you made the girls....they are really cool!! ANd the bags are fun to make...they are my quick gift go-to every time:):) Hugs-- Sandra Kaye

  2. Great little pouches---so handy to have around. Seriosly adorable necklaces as well. I hope the we're a big hit.

  3. Wow your pouches look awesome! Well done on conquering zips!!! And those pendants are amazing too. There must have been some happy squeals when opened!