Monday, April 9, 2012

A Mouse House

So much for my dazzling idea to host a week of blogging leading up to Valentine's Day.  My confident plan was immediately followed by out of town guests, broken pipes, sick children, etc. etc.

Life happened.  And so did March.  :-)

Moving right along....

I have accumulated a few projects during my break from this space.  This first idea was one that my Mom shared with me. She saw it on a blog somewhere.  I'm notorious for not keeping track of the cute things I see, so I apologize that I can't link back to give the original creator credit for this cute idea.  I'm not the one who thought up this concept.

It's a very cute way to repurpose an Altoid peppermint box.  You just jazz up the outside...

...cozy up the inside...

...and create a little someone to live there!!

How clever is that??

It's the perfect size to throw in a purse or diaper bag to have a quiet activity during church.  Young kids just love anything in a miniature size.

I gave this to my four year old for Valentine's Day, and she has spent hours fiddling with it.

She plays and plays and then tucks her little buddy under his covers, whispers something sweet, 

and closes the lid!  :-)

The end!

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  1. How cute. My daughter would absolutely love one of those!