Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Civil War Story Quilt

For the past four years, my daughter has taken a Biblical World Views/Humanities class as part of her homeschool curriculum.  Hannah had a tremendous amount of admiration and respect for her teacher, and he became someone very influential and special in her life.  She asked if I would make a quilt to give to him at her graduation, and she specifically requested that it be a quilt with a story.  So, together we decided to make him a quilt out of Civil War reproduction fabrics in honor of all the history he imparted to her.

The pattern is called "Done In A Jiff" and is by Heartspun Quilts.  We wanted the quilt to have a masculine feel, and I think both the pattern and the colors helped to accomplish that.

This quilt's verse is I Peter 3:15, which was a meaningful verse for this class.  I embroidered a simple cross for the label.  He liked the quilt a lot.  My eldest son will begin taking classes from this man in the fall, followed by my younger son in a few years.  So, I joked with him that this blanket is partly a thank you for the last four years, and partly a peace offering for the next seven!  :-)


  1. It really is a lovely quilt and I can see why you would want to jump in to the CW blocks. The history given with each one is fabulous.

    That is one lucky teacher and one lucky student to have been blessed with someone with such love for the subject. Two boys ahead for him???

  2. Beautiful quilt that you both made, he will treasure it, I'm sure. A thank you and a peace offering. Good one Brook.

  3. Love that quilt! Thanks for visiting my blog! :0)

  4. What a special quilt! A lovely gift for an important teacher :-)

  5. what a great quilt! i am sure he will treasure it!