Wednesday, June 15, 2011


My three year old daughter is crazy for dinosaurs.  I mean C-R-A-Z-Y.  When this first started I was a little concerned because it is really hard to find feminine dinosaur related items.  No worries.  The toothier and scarier, the better for her.  Gross.  I have no idea where this passion came from, and much as I have tried my hardest to introduce Disney princesses or flower fairies, we are SOLD on dinos.

So, it was no small wonder when, during a recent trek to Joann Fabrics, she had a small fabric fit over a certain something that she spied.  (She comes by her passions quite naturally.  It's in her genes, after all, and she may just have witnessed her Momma declaring true love for a certain fabric in the quilt shop one too many times!)

Anyway, she originally spied the green fabric, which was clearly a must have in her mind.  I just wasn't that sold on the idea.  That fabric is so.....boyish.  And so.....uncute.  So, I quickly found this little coordinate and offered it up as a suggestion.  

She doesn't like the white one as well because it doesn't have these....

Triceratops are our favorites.  I mean F-A-V-O-R-I-T-E-S.  Plus, we heart bright orange.  So, I'm headed into my sewing nook this week with my marching orders.  Use all the triceratops.  Make it happy colors. Some green fabric HAS TO be on the front of the quilt.  And, if I can add some pink glitter that would be great.  (????)

It's always good to have a well thought out plan!

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  1. Last Halloween I had to make a blue dinosaur with pink spikes for my 4yr old grandaughter. I think she wore it the week before Halloween and the week after. Maybe it is a girl thing that we don't know about.